G.P Air Tools

New Black & Decker Compressors

TOTAL Air & Power Tools

Einhell Power X Industrial Power Tools

Einhell Wet & Dry Vacuums

V-TUF M Class Vacuums Wet/Dry & Dust Extraction

Chicago Pneumatic Air Tools

PCL Airtools

Air Tool Hoses with Connectors

Meteor Impact Sockets

Micro Inline Reg, Filter and Lube (Ideal for Airtools)

Airtool Oil, Consumables & Accessories


Staple & Nailing Guns

Sealant & Caulking Guns

Screw/Stud Extractors & Coil Thread Inserts

General Maintenance & Workshop Tools

Soldering Irons

Torches, Work Lamps & Lighting

Tyre Inflation Tools, Valve Cores & Accessories

JWL Cleaning, Soda & Sand Blasting Guns

Brake Bleeders & Oil Extractors

Grease Nipples & Adaptors

Funnels & Measures

Spray Guns Various Media

Manual Grease Guns & Grease

Grease Filler Pumps


Fuel Delivery Nozzles

Fuel Meters

Fuel & Water Transfer Pumps

Fuel Filters & Elements

Hosereels for Fuel

Oil Control Guns

Hand Operated Fuel Oil & Liquid Pumps

Pneumatic Oil Pumps & Dispensers

Drum Taps, Funnels & Waste Oil Drainers

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