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Borehole Pumps

A water borehole is a narrow pipe that is drilled into the ground to a depth that gives access to an underground water source (called an Aquifer) with a pump inserted to draw water up to the surface. Because borehole pumps come into direct contact with minerals in the soil, they are typically made of corrosion resistant materials and due to the rounded and usually very narrow dimensions of the borehole, special borehole pumps are installed. The borehole pump can be controlled by an inverter to offer an on demand constant pressure system or it can be pressure or float switch controlled to feed tanks to store water for later consumption. Borehole pumps can be sized to suit single domestic dwellings (SDD’s) or multiple properties, although local geological composition will be a factor in whether you will have aquifers near you. You don’t need an abstraction license if you are drawing up to 20m³ (20,000 litres) of water per day but, where usage exceeds this, a water abstraction licence must be applied for.

  • Inverter control
  • Borehole pump
  • 24Ltr Pressure vessel
  • Down well cable to suit 30m borehole
  • Pipework and fittings terminating after UV.
  • Big Blue Duplex Sediment filter 25µ & 5µ
  • UV System including display and shutdown valve
  • Installation & commissioning
  • Borehole water test (TVC, Coliforms & Ecoli)

Our engineers ensure that Water Sampling cis carried out on completion to confirm water is safe to drink.