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Drinking Water

Whether water is drawn from a Borehole or Tubewell, if it is to be used for drinking it is recommended that a sample of the water is taken and sent to a lab for testing.

There are regulations that cover water quality and tests that must be carried out but these do not apply to water supplies for Single Domestic Dwellings (SDD’s). Should you be supplying multiple properties or providing water for the general public’s consumption, we work with our partners Eaton Environmental who can carry out a full range of tests and specialist filtration systems.

For SDD’s, depending on water quality, we recommend either single or duplex sediment filter systems with simple to change, long-life filters that normally only require changing during the annual pump service. In addition to sediment filtration, it is good practice to also install a UV treatment system.

A UV (Ultra Violet) system consists of a UV lamp housed inside a glass tube, all mounted inside a stainless steel casing, through which the water passes plus a controller to power the lamp, display lamp life information and, if required, control a shutdown solenoid valve.

UV systems are the best method of killing bacteria as they do not use harmful chemicals or create any by-products.

Tests have proven that there are no known micro-organisms that are resistant to UV. UV lamps are designed to provide effective treatment for 1 year and can easily be replaced during an annual pump service.

UV units have low power consumption making them a cost effective solution for providing protection bacteriological contamination of drinking water.