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Facilities Management

Whatever the type or size of the facility you are managing, if you have pumps, we have the solution for keeping them in tip top working order, doing the jobs they have been purchased to do.

Whether the pumps are for Irrigation, Water Features, Boosting Clean Water, re-using Rainwater or transferring wastewater or effluent we can assist.


Should you or your customer be unfortunate enough to suffer a breakdown, just call 01491 680628 and we will do the rest, keeping you constantly updated along the way.

Maintenance Plans

The best way to ensure that your/your customers pumps are kept running at their optimum efficiency and reduce instances of breakdowns, is to ensure that they are regularly maintained. Allsebrook can offer tailored Maintenance Plans to suit every site and its equipment.

Alerts and Monitoring

The quickest way to detect and diagnose faults and issues that may need attention, is to use a telemetry system that can send a text alert for any faults it is set up to monitor, as well as confirming status on a monthly basis.

Faults that can be monitored include:

  • Mains Failure
  • Pump Tripped
  • Chamber High Level
  • Air Blower Fault (on Sewage Treatment Plants)

In addition to alerting you of faults our cloud-based platform can also provide real time monitoring of anything that can be measured:

Examples include:

  • Power Usage
  • Current Drawn
  • Flow Conditions and records
  • Condition of motors and bearings

To see how we can assist you in providing a better service to your clients call us today on 01491 680628