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Pumps For Irrigation

Irrigation pumps are used to boost water through pipework to provide sufficient pressure to operate the irrigation system correctly. They can be installed in water storage tanks, rainwater harvesters, and can also be used to draw water from lakes, wells and boreholes.

Types of Irrigation Pumps

The type of pumps used in irrigation facilities are classified according to the power source required and we can advise on the best pump for your particular requirements.

Engine Driven Pumps:

For small systems petrol engine units are available with larger systems being driven by diesel engines, these can be coupled with controllers to automatically stop and start the engine as required.

Electric Pumps:

Can be powered by single-phase electric motor (230v) or three phase (400v), depending on the power available and can be surface mounted or submersible.

  • Surface Pumps: Can only be used when the water is less than 7m below the suction inlet of the pump and usually incorporate several impellers and can either be horizontal or vertical.
  • Submersible Pumps: Used when the water is to far down for a surface pump – submersible pumps are usually more efficient as all their energy is used to pressurise the water. Pumps can be installed in:
    • Wells or boreholes
    • Rivers or streams
    • Floating inlakes and reservoirs